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What Exactly is a Waterwell Borehole?

In one sentence, a water well borehole is your own private water supply, obtained from your land.

We drill to a depth below the ground water level, as much as 200m. Once the borehole is done, we protect it by inserting a well casing - this stops the walls of the borehole from collapsing. Next we install a pump which is used to bring your water to ground level, and we install a cover to protect your new water supply from pollution. We can, if you require, then install a water storage system, and, if necessary, install a water treatment system to enable the water to be used for drinking, as well as for irrigation and other purposes.

However, some areas do not have easy access to ground water, which means not everyone can have a borehole for their own private water supply. Smith and Webb, though, with more than 40 years experience of drilling in the UK, would be happy to assess your particular location and give you free advice , and a no obligation estimate. We cover most areas of the UK.

Do I Need a Licence?

If you think you will be using less than 20,000 litres of water per day, then a licence will not be required for your water well borehole. To give you an idea of how much water that is, the average household water use for washing and drinking in the UK is about 150 litres per person per day. Using more than 20,000 litres per day would require a licence from the Environmental Agency. If you think your usage will exceed this volume, then Smith and Webb are experts in dealing with the EA, and will happily assist with obtaining your licence.

Upon completion of your borehole water well, we will notify the British Geological Survey of the work we have carried out, and they will update their records accordingly.

Why Invest in a Waterwell Borehole?

  • No local water authority restrictions on your water usage

  • Your own uninterrupted water supply

  • Ideal for garden irrigation

  • Self sufficiency

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Can add value to your property

  • Much better than harvesting rainwater which is intermittent in its supply

  • Will save you money

This is a pump test for Infinity Water, pumping 2 meters cubed per day, to replenish a stream in Baldock Ivel Springs.

Our Range of Pumps

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Todays market offers a wide variety of well pumps. However, because Smith & Webb have over 40 years experience of water pumps, you can be sure that you will be receiving a high-quality product, giving you reliability, durability and unrivaled energy efficiency. We only use products from the best brands in the market including Grundfos, and Lowara, two of the world leaders in pump manufacturing.

Smith & Webb have well pumps for every kind of well, whether it's for domestic or commercial use. Our 40 years of expertise in pumps means that we have a pump for your every need, and all our well pump solutions are designed to be efficient and easy to operate.

Our submersible well and borehole pumps include 3" Borehole Pumps, 3" Variable Speed "Energy Efficient" and 4" Domestic Borehole Pumps. Our range of 3“and 4” pumps are all made from the best stainless steel, and are carefully engineered and constructed to assure high performance and reliability. The compact designs are ideal for a variety of applications such as domestic water supplies, small community waterworks, and commercial horticultural or irrigation applications.

All our well pump products are fitted with dry-running protection, and high pump efficiency ensures low energy consumption, which means low energy costs!

If you would like to learn more about our selection of submersible borehole pumps, simply contact us by phone, on 01296 668 646.


A quality brand and popular choice is Grundfos Pumps, one of the world's largest pump manufacturers, a Danish company with a worldwide presence. They produce over 12 million units every year, supplying the world with high-quality, reliable pumps.

With one of the largest ranges of pumps and pump solutions in the world, Grundfos are ideal for domestic and commercial use The pumps are renowned for their efficiency, reliability and durability, and are manufactured entirely from corrosion-resistant materials which have been proven to stand the test of time.

Smith & Webb stock an extensive range of Grundfos pumps, and supply them for a wide variety of domestic applications, such as basic water supply, pressure boosting, irrigation and soakaways, as well as a variety of industrial applications. Grundfos submersible pumps use the latest in hydraulic design and are built to deliver optimum efficiency, providing a cost-effective and efficient pumping solution.

Smith & Webb also supply a full range of Grundfos well pumps, which are ideal for domestic or commercial use.

Grundfos pumps are designed to be efficient, reliable and easy to operate, and their wear resistance ensures a long and trouble-free product life.

If you would like to learn more about the selection of Grundfos pump products currently on offer from Smith & Webb, simply contact us by phone, on 01296 668 646.


Smith & Webb supply a range of top-quality brand names, including a carefully chosen selection of Lowara pumps. With over 40 years of experience, Lowara has become a leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps. Lowara water pumps are designed with resilience and durability in mind. The pumps are made using the finest stainless steel, and advanced laser welding technology ensures that your water will remain free of contamination and resistant to chemicals.

Lowara pumps offer a high quality, efficient, reliable and cost-effective choice, perfect for a wide range of requirements, including residential, agricultural or industrial applications.

Lowara has made huge advances in pump technology with a wide range of submersible pumps. They offer quiet, dependable performance, with high quality. From the smallest domestic need, right through to national pumping stations, Smith & Webb have the right Lowara pumps suitable for both clean and dirty water applications, with or without a float switch.

Lowara's extensive range of pumps offer help for pressurisation, fire-fighting systems, dewatering and irrigation. In addition, they also offer drinking water processes and water treatment, plus the provision of washing equipment and machine tool cooling.

If you would like to learn more about the selection of Lowara pump products currently on offer from Smith & Webb, simply contact us by phone, on 01296 668 646.

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