Borehole & Water Well Repairs Based in Herts

Borehole & Water Well Repairs

It is a fact of life that from time to time borehole and water well infrastructure requires repair, or just routine maintenance. At Smith and Webb, because we understand how vital your water supply is to you, we have a rapid response service team to deal with breakdowns and routine maintenance of water wells and boreholes.

Our highly trained service technicians are well equipped and ready to attend and resolve system and equipment failures at short notice. On those rare occasions where additional or replacement equipment is required, Smith and Webb will normally have it available from our well stocked stores.

Our Advanced Systems Make It Easy

All installations carried out by Smith and Webb are catalogued on our electronic data base. Having this information at our fingertips helps to avoid any delays in responding to our clients needs.

Boreholes and water wells, if they are properly and professionally constructed, can last for many decades. However, because of unavoidable movements within the earths core, for example, the yield of a borehole may start to decline in time. Our mobile service technician teams are available at short notice, and will endeavour to have all relevant equipment to enable them to carry out full well and borehole repairs, and return supplies to their optimum performance as quickly as possible.

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